February 5, 2011

Can I Block The Universe From Reading My Blog?

I've just crawled from the bowels of my own personal bout with Noon to Midnight Puke and Shit Marathon. I almost met my maker, y'all! I believe the Universe reads my blog and when I posted about the horrors of dealing with Aidan and Asher's respective rounds with this plague, it decided Oh, you think that was bad? Here ya go. Try not to die, bitch!

Now according to design thus far - Aidan had it last Sunday, Asher on Tuesday, me on Thursday - it's the Mr's turn today. Since he all but donned a haz-mat suit in my vicinity, I bet he doesn't get it. I'm sending him to run errands before noon just in case though.


Opto-Mom said...

Awww, feel better soon, sweetie! By the way, if the Beast gets it, just be prepared. It will be a million times worse than yours. He will tell you that you just don't understand, because he is REALLY sick. Not just "kinda sick" like you were.

After all, you WERE able to crawl into the kitchen to make dinner for him. And you only puked twice when he requested tuna casserole.

Kirby said...

The same thing happened to us...it was gross, I felt like my house a green cloud over it! Hope yall get to feeling better!

Brenda Susan said...

Be very thankful he donned a protective suit. A MAN COLD is 100 times than anyone else's!!!

Kritta22 said...

I totally agree with the ladies above. Even with a bad immune system, somehow colds hit Chris 100 times worse!

Lorie Shewbridge said...

Oh YUK... you poor thing. I'm just glad that you didn't get it at the same time as the boys did - now that would have really SUCKED.
Hope SB doesn't get it because boys are really big babies when they are sick.
Get well soon!