February 23, 2011


Oh, these hometown dates were awkward!

Chantel - You and your family managed to make Money Bags Womak feel like a pauper. Good on ya! Also, I don't know about Brad and you but Brad and Papa Bear are in love.

Ashley - "I saw your crown!" Wow, how romantic. Did you remind him to floss when you bid him farewell?

Shawntel - Oh sweetheart, 90% of funeral directors are married to other funeral directors. Okay, I just made that up but clearly, Brad isn't into it. Also not into it? Papa Bear. 

Emily - If you taught your daughter that 'you don't exist to me' skill regarding men, she caught on well. Day-um! Look, I want it to be you and Brad at the end but I've got a bad feeling for ya. He's not into Rikki Tik. He's just... not.

Next week - Booty Call week, the week every Bachelor signs up to be The Bachelor for. It's put out or get out. Or put out and then I'll put you out. Bwahahaha


Opto-Mom said...

I've always thought it was weird to ask someone to marry you just a few days after you've slept with 2 other girls. That is the ultimate in awkward, but none of them seem to care.

By the way, I think Emily rejects the fantasy suite thing.

Lorie Shewbridge said...

The ultimate in desperate woman!