February 3, 2011

A 12 Hour Bug

Or as I have come to refer to it - Noon to Midnight Puke and Shit Marathon. Aidan got it Sunday. Mercifully I was napping so the Mr dealt with it until about 4pm. And had I known, I'd have stayed my ass in there throughout the rest of the day and night because ew, fucking gross! Then comes Tuesday lunchtime and Asher starts in. 

Go ahead and form this mental picture - Asher hurls and I immediately start dry heaving because again, ew, gross. At that point I realize he has also pooped while he hurled. While he had been sitting on my lap. Oh, awesome. Repeat 26 times over the next 12 hours. And that's how that day played out. 

Now don't get me wrong, I know the boys were the ones who were sick and poor them and blah blah blah. Yes, this is all true but this whole blog is basically about how I suffer their wake so save your 'shame on you' emails and comments, 'kay? Instead you could nominate me for Mother of the Year because ew, gross!


SpiritWings said...

Amen sister!!!!! We do what needs to be done but we are still human and yes...Ewwwww...is a great way to explain it!
Hope y'all are starting to feel abit better. =]

Texan Zombie Goddess said...

It is ewww gross!!! Put on a hazmat suit next time and don't forget the helmet lol!

Unknown said...

I got that bug last week, not fun! It's called vomshitting, good times. You get a gold star for not hurling all over Asher when you realized that he had vomshit in your lap.

Ian said...

Quite sexy. Pics would have made this post that much better.

cbs111 said...

You can be mother of the year if you clean up after mine, because like you said, eww, gross.