January 7, 2011

The Truth Is

I can't stand little dogs. There have been exactly two that I have ever even tolerated. I figure if you're gonna have a dog, get a damn dog for crying out loud. I can't take you seriously with a dog like that.

If you leave your children with me, I let them get away with murder. I'm pretty much not going to discipline your kid. I want them to like me. But you better damn well keep mine in line.

Regardless of warnings against wearing earphones while running, I still listen to my music. I'm not out there to fuckin' commune with nature, okay? I only get through it because I've got music to distract me from the fact that I'm doing something I've avoided like oral surgery for the better part of my 31 29 years. I wear a reflective vest, don't push it.

When I get pitches to share a new coddling parenting technique here on the blog and they ask me shit like "isn't raising kids the most blissful experience you could ever imagine?" it's really all I can do not to ask if they mean "kids" as in baby goats because that could explain the difference in our respective feelings on the experience.

Aidan got grounded from his DS and everything else from which he could possibly experience joy for, well,  I'm still too scared to ask my husband how long. Let's just say his old rage issues surfaced while he was at a friend's or ex-friend's? house earlier this week. Anyway, I play the thing on and off all day long. It's still my favorite Christmas gift :)
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