January 17, 2011

Now You've Pissed Me Off

Dear Random Ad/Sponsored Post Pitcher,

Look, I know you are in a hurry, you want to quickly get as many pitches out as possible. Could you take just a second to address the pitch to me, Amanda, and not to Anna. It stings just a little to get an email to her. I understand how it happens, you scan the blog for a name, you see "Anna" up top and you assume that's the name of the author. You know what they say about assuming...Take two seconds to be sure, okay? On a related note, maybe read just one post here. Any post, really. Pretty much any random post will clue you in to the fact that this isn't where you want to put an ad for The Joy of Parenting or write a post on fun crafts to do with your kids seven days a week. This isn't that blog. Another thing you'd know if you actually read this blog.

Amanda, not Anna, author of this anti-sticky sweet mommy blog
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