January 1, 2011

If I Didn't Know Better

I'd think I was knocked up or something. Gawd, I'm such a freakin' crybaby, girl lately! Gettin' all teary over dumb shit all the time. The commercial where they let the soldier board the plane first and the old man stands and salutes her? Oh my God, it's all over for me. Tornadoes thrashing through my home state of Arkansas on New Years Eve? I'm bawling. A friend of my sister's, whom I've never even met, had a bad car accident and he eventually died this weekend - I'm beside myself over it. The end of Toy Story 3? Who the F cries over Toy Story? Facebook updates, songs, even stupid reality TV shows on Discovery... I'm kinda starting to annoy myself with this teary eyed shit. 
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