December 26, 2010

It's That Time Again

Time to make New Years resolutions. Last year I made a few and then promptly failed most of them. I did manage to keep Aidan out of juvenile detention, Asher isn't eating address labels anymore, and I ignore Twitter Bitches rather than tweet what I think of them. And my ass size is diminishing since October when I started running. Who'd have thought?

I didn't exactly conquer the laundry timetable and instead of buying Aidan a toy at every store, now I buy both of them a toy. So I guess that one's a half and half.

I wanted to read 50 books this year. I didn't quite make it. But I'm gonna try again in 2011. 

This running nonsense is apparently going to continue providing I don't die of a hip injury so I signed up for the 1000 miles in 2011 challenge. Yes, you are still at My Kids Might Be Martians, this is not an alternate universe. 

Speaking of My Kids Might Be Martians. I bought yet another domain to correspond with what I want to rename this blog. Amandapalooza is no longer on the table, although I now own that domain as well. Sometime in 2011, I will get it together and launch the new one. Maybe.

I will stop reminding Aidan to read for his Book It program. If he doesn't get his time in for the month, he doesn't get a damn pizza. I have enough of his crap to keep up with - spelling words, snack days, early outs, poem booklets, T-shirt orders... the list goes on and on. And on. I didn't expect Aidan's school life to be so much work for me.

I will not allow Asher to bully me into letting him sleep in our bed. I'm planning a big redesign of the master bedroom and bath and I will go out of my way to make it as non-kid friendly as humanly possible. It shall be an adult only space never to be peed on, pooped on, farted on, eaten in, spilled on, puked on, or otherwise damaged by a small person. They have every other inch of the house, our space is sacred.

That's about all I should commit to. Knowing myself as I do these few things will take the entire year to accomplish. What are your resolutions? 


Brandy Wilcoxen said...

I'm terrible at making resolutions because I'm already expecting to fail so instead of setting exact goals to reach I set general ideas, like I'll smoke less, rather than I will Stop smoking...

Brenda Susan said...

I love the master bedroom as a no-kid zone! It is good for the kids as much as it's good for you and hubby. Shows your honor and value for your marriage. cool!

I have not focused on resolutions for this next year yet, but you've got me thinking. I do have some specific things that will require intentional rather than passive action on my part. I am usually a "wait & see" kind of person but that's not working very well...ha!
Thanx for the reminder!
Happy New Year, I LOVE your blog my friend!

Lorie Shewbridge said...

I've got my goal of losing some more weight, I've lost about 25 pounds already but I've got 20 more to go. It's hard for me to exercise because of my spine, but I am able to walk, so that's what I do.
I'm also trying to get these damn dogs to stop pooping on the carpets. They are doing much better, but I need it to STOP!
Good luck to you, I think you did great this year and you'll do amazing next year.

Ordie O. said...

Book It? Is that still going on? You guys used to do that, remember? And I still think you Cliff Noted some of those books but it's water under the bridge now, right?
I'm glad to see the taboo on pooping, peeing, farting, eating, etc in your bed with the qualifier of "little people". I was fixing to say, some haven that'd be but now I get it.