December 6, 2010

Did He Just Spell That?

I must find a way to make it clear to Aidan that spelling a curse word is as big an offense as actually uttering it. He honestly believes saying I'm gonna kick your ay-ess-ess, Asher! isn't going to elicit a negative response from me. Yet he glances over at me to be sure and when I start in he says Mama! I didn't SAY the bad word! I'm a good speller, hu, Mama? Nice try, punk. Go get the soap.

Also, Asher won't quit calling Aidan a bitch. Really, where did he get bitch? 'Fuck' he would have heard from me but 'bitch'? No. Yesterday morning I was still in my room where they clearly believed I was asleep. Asher wanted in the fridge and Aidan was blocking him. A shoving match ensued and Asher lost his shit and screamed STOP IT BITCH!!! Plain as day. He sounded pissed! But he came hanging his head when I called him to me. Probably because I sounded pissed.

Why can't kids abide by the ol' Do as I say not as I do? 
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