December 6, 2010

Did He Just Spell That?

I must find a way to make it clear to Aidan that spelling a curse word is as big an offense as actually uttering it. He honestly believes saying I'm gonna kick your ay-ess-ess, Asher! isn't going to elicit a negative response from me. Yet he glances over at me to be sure and when I start in he says Mama! I didn't SAY the bad word! I'm a good speller, hu, Mama? Nice try, punk. Go get the soap.

Also, Asher won't quit calling Aidan a bitch. Really, where did he get bitch? 'Fuck' he would have heard from me but 'bitch'? No. Yesterday morning I was still in my room where they clearly believed I was asleep. Asher wanted in the fridge and Aidan was blocking him. A shoving match ensued and Asher lost his shit and screamed STOP IT BITCH!!! Plain as day. He sounded pissed! But he came hanging his head when I called him to me. Probably because I sounded pissed.

Why can't kids abide by the ol' Do as I say not as I do? 


Farmers Wifey said...

THIS is classic because we are getting the Bitch calling here too..I have no idea where it came from. Honest.

Hey can you spare a vote for me..

Under Farmers Wifey of course xx

Ordie O. said...

Could it be a carry-over from the Springdale neighborhood? I seem to recall a lot of gang graffiti in that area.

Ordie O. said...

Also, that kinda reminds me what I heard from outside the door of your's and Jessica's room when you shared one in Vandervoort. She says to you (I think she was like 10), "Amanda, you're so fucking annoying."

Thicker Than Your Average Girl said...

This generation has a mind of there own! lol My mom would have washed my mouth out with soap and it taste so Yucky

Kritta22 said...

Oh man! I just spit-laughed all over my computer screen.

Thanks jerk.

PS What the crap, you are just NOW following my blog??

You are staying on the people I wish I wish list.

And You're grounded too!

So there.

Lorie Shewbridge said...

OK, I'm sorry... it's my fault! I was complaining about anonymous the other day and the kids must have heard me!
I'll try to be careful so they don't hear that bad language from me any more. TeeHee