December 7, 2010

Great, I'm Elderly

I've been running pretty much every other day for just over two months - a few times 2 or 3 days in a row but certainly not excessive. I even managed to live through my first 5K, which turned out to be more than 5K and it's my firm opinion that Nazi's designed that course. On the plus side, it turns out I've actually got some leg muscle and unless my scale is simply trying to keep me from forging headlong into a bulimic rage, I have lost a whopping 21 lbs. I haven't completely turned to the dark side, there's no high that makes me feel like I could run 25 miles or something crazy like that but I do kind of enjoy it. I suppose the added bonus of fat melting off my backside encourages my fondness a little bit. 

Aaaaand, now that I've delved into something healthy, I've broken my hip. Okay, it's not broken, I've got Bursitis in my hip. MY HIP! Aren't hip injuries for 89 year old women? My hip for crying out loud! It has hurt on and off for the last couple of weeks after I would run but when I was done yesterday, I kinda thought I was going to die. It's possible I may have even cried about it. Maybe. There was no sleeping last night and sitting, standing, laying down - it all hurt like hell. I bit the bullet and went to a dr this morning. I was perfectly pleasant, despite wincing when she jerked my leg around. In fact, I was very polite when I refused to get on the scale as well. Because let's be honest, it was only going to lead to more tears and I didn't need a referral for a shrink. She gave me an x-ray and determined I'm basically elderly. I came home bearing anti-inflammatory and steroid medication and orders to stop running for a minimum of a week. So bring on the lazy, ya'll!


~Ronda~ said...

Hate to hear about the broken hip! Lol But triple yay on the -21 pounds! That Friggin rocks! Get better soon!

Ariana said...

Oh noo, hope you feel better soon! But high five on losing those el bee's!

Kritta22 said...

Holy crap!! You didn't tell me you lost that much weight....why haven't I been running??

Oh wait... I think you're crazy but guess what I just ordered on Amazon.... running shoes.

Yup I'm jumping on the running boat too!

How does one stop from getting a busted hip??

Lorie Shewbridge said...

WooHoo on the 21 lbs. thats fantabulistic!!
Sorry about the hip... sucks to get old! I ought to know.