December 16, 2010

A Fierce Hunter Raising Little Fierce Hunters

This year the hunting got a little ape shit crazy thanks to our neighbor, the Skinny Bitch's husband. Now that I think about it these husbands of ours wield quite a lot of influence on us. Good thing they're not drug addicts or kleptomaniacs. Anyway, in a few months a new buck will be adorning a wall in our house. See? Best damn wife ever. 

Aidan and Asher are walking the same bloody path as their Daddy. Aidan has been on it for years now as illustrated in this post from a few years ago. Oh well, as long as they bring home meat I'm good with it. And if they are out hunting that means they are with their dad, not me! That's reason enough for me to encourage the sport, don'tchathink?

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