December 20, 2010

A Christmas Confession

Much to the horror of my mother and probably some of you I have never sat down and watched It's A Wonderful Life from start to finish. I'm not sure how this was accomplished considering my mother watched that movie year round and at Christmas time it was on a never-ending loop at our house. Kinda like how TBS plays 24 hours of A Christmas Story, only in black and white, therefore making it unacceptable for viewing to my younger self. I much preferred watching that numb-skull kid stick his tongue to the pole and getting stuck. 

Now, in what I can only explain as payin' for my raisin', my kids start booing and running away at the first glimpse of a black and white movie. Just like a dumber younger me, they prefer to watch A Christmas Story. I almost can't take it anymore, I find myself tense up, willing Flick not to do it this time.  Don't do it dumbass! You KNOW it's going to stick! You KNOW your little punk friends will leave your ass out there! Just walk away!!!  But he never listens to me. He puts his tongue to the pole and Aidan and Asher roll into balls of laughter at the sight. Before you know it, Aidan is daring Asher to stick his tongue to the neighbor's flag pole. Asher, not one to back down from a dare, grabs his coat and boots before we stop him. We have to cancel out the dare with  We know you're a big guy, of course you would have done it, of course you would have been able to get your tongue off the pole...  So thanks a bunch TBS, it's gonna be a long 24 hours.
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