December 12, 2010

Barbara Walters Inspired This Post

While watching this Barbara Walters takeover of my Thursday night TV, a thought crossed my mind. How'd you like to be Oprah's duplex neighbor? My heart quickens at the thought. And not because how fucking cool would that be but because I don't know what it is about that woman but she terrifies me. I may have mentioned this before, my fear of balloons and China are one thing but the way I feel about this person I have zero chance of ever coming into close physical proximity to is as real as the Spanx in my underwear drawer. It's not rational and I don't understand it myself but there it is, another shining indication that maybe I should be throwing the $.86 per day I'm raking in from this blog into therapy rather than ordering more paperbacks from 

Another thought? Is it just me or did Barbara seem a tad jealous of Betty White? Go back and watch it again, there's some animosity there. Also, I couldn't possibly care any less about Justin Bieber and I'm kinda proud that I've never watched an episode of Jersey Shore. I'm feeling pretty smug about that Jersey Shore part. For real. 


Texan Zombie Goddess said...

I feel smug about never watching a program involving Oprah lol. Hate that woman!

Barbara should be jealous of Betty. Betty rocks!!

Unknown said...

You get a gold star for saying "couldn't possibly care any less" instead of "could care less", which is what I hear/read all the time and a little piece of my soul dies.

Lorie Shewbridge said...

You know, I hate Oprah, not scared of her and I am pissed that she is taking over one of my favorite TV networks, Discovery Health - damn her - in January. Who the hell thinks we need a WHOLE TV CHANNEL devoted to Oprah Winfrey????
As for Betty White, I agree, Baba Whawha should be jealous of her, Betty is the Bomb!
And I have never seen any of Jersey Shore and turn off any show that includes any member of that ridiculous crew.

Lucy said...

O my gosh you are so funny. I didnt notice the Barbra Betty thing because I was still ticked that Oprah only got one hour. How do we go from Oprah to Justin Buble or whatever his name is in 2 minutes. No offense to Justin but I was mad.

Thanks for helping me with my Oprah campaign. Tweeting this story now..

Brenda Susan said...

Regarding Oprah, I have been on & off about her over the years. But this year I am sick of her and her "end of an era'" shows!
Her guests are all bowing and fawning over her, it's just too much, to much like worship.