December 17, 2010

Again? Really?

Dear Sick, Twisted, Dumbass, Son of a Bitch in Germany,

Making the word  n a k e d  cutesy like 'nakey' doesn't fool me. It doesn't change what you were looking for at all. When will you idiots learn that the internet is not anonymous? Start thinking with the head on your shoulders once in a blue moon.

Grossed Out, Pissed Off, Mama Blogger with StatCounter

Search term - when I hold my nose shut the chatting in my nose stops - Hmmm, are you sure that "chatting" isn't in your head? Does your shrink know about this chatting?

Whoever is perusing the internet for the whereabouts of Lisa Martini and Christopher Swanner of Prescott Valley Arizona, I don't know these folks but I imagine you didn't get a We've Moved card for a reason. Just a thought

Also? I'm feeling a tad nervous about someone in Washington, D.C. at THE SUPREME COURT OF THE UNITED STATES viewing my blog. Dear God, let it be a clerk browsing the internet and not official business... involving a suit against me... you know, in a case that has somehow made it all the way to the Supreme Court without my knowledge. Yeah, okay, I'm feeling better about it already.
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