November 27, 2010

Pannin' For Gold

The info from StatCounter is a freakin' gold mine lately! From the semi-illiterate - funny shite, who bawgt altel?, and what is randim mean - to the truly disgusting - I said it was disgusting and I'm not about to repeat here - and the what the sam hell would possess you to search the internet for that - taste of camel poop and lose weight so I can suck my own toes - it's really almost more than I can handle. 

Beyond the obvious conclusions one can come to based on the searches - that they are sexually perverse sick bastards - there are a number of other things I think I know about these people. For instance, in many cases it's pretty clear English isn't their first language. I'm guessing third, fourth? Also, whoever taught these people grammar should be mortified - celebs before their famous, I seen Jennifer Aniston yesterday, your on the shitlist, and so on and so on. And so on. Really, there are hundreds of them. Some may have been living under a rock - what is Twitter, is facebook a photosharing site? who is Jennifer Aniston. And it's entirely possible some left their computers on and a five year old got online - mamas mean, I like bee movie, sister smells like farts.

Now that I've made fun of people for misspelling and bad grammar, you are all forbidden from making note of any similar mistakes I may have made. No, really, I'll kick you off the blog for that shit.

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Ms. G said...

I actually went back and changed badly chosen post title to "this is a G rated blog, move on" because of where the page was ending up. It still pops ups in the searches but the creeper hits have gone down considerably!