November 17, 2010

March of Dimes

Samantha over at Mommy to a Princess is a big supporter of the March of Dimes as her daughter was premature. November is Prematurity Awareness Month and today is the day for bloggers to help raise awareness of the cause.  

Aidan was 4 weeks early but luckily he was perfectly healthy. Anna was 10 weeks early and obviously was not healthy. We have no doubt Asher would have been early as well had I not had a transabdominal cerclage placed at 13 weeks gestation. I belong to a Yahoo! group called Abbyloopers. This group is a support group for people who need this procedure, most of them have lost at least one baby to prematurity, some have lost several babies. 

So this is me telling you to support the March of Dimes and be aware of how many premature babies there actually are in this country alone. Do whatever you can to help.


Samantha said...

Thank you, Amanda, for blogging for preemies! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Crystal Renee said...

Thanks Amanda for stopping by and the kind words! I will be around for a while, lol.

BTW - LOOOOVE the new blog look! Sweeeeeet!

And I am a mother to preemie twins as well! I am an avid March of Dimes member and sell the magnets for cars, for donations to give to them! 30 weekers and now almost 7 - and weren't supposed to make it! My story is actually on their website!

XOXOXOXO! Thanks for writing this =)

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Fearless_Fabulous_Gayle said...

I am a Mom to 2 preemies too. My first was 5 weeks early, second was 6 weeks early (only the 2nd one had to spend time in the hospital (12 days).
I also appreciate you posting to help the preemies!!!

MoDLin said...

I work for the March of Dimes,but I'm also the Nana of a preemie. Thank you, thank you for your post and for helping to spread the word about the seriousness of premature birth.

Ordie O. said...

Nice blog. And maybe it'll make your sister feel guilty all over again for jacking all the dimes she collected that one year when she was in grade school. An aside, I did make up the money, myself, even though it wasn't I who stole it. Cuz that's what mothers do.

Anonymous said...

Great post and so, so, important..

Michelle said...

Big March of Dimes supporter over here! Awareness is such an important piece of the puzzle.