November 5, 2010

I Might Die

No, I think it's entirely possible. In 3 days I will be running my first 5K. A little thing called The Annual Beer & Bagel Off-Road Run. Only I didn't know about the 'off-road' part when I signed up. Sure, I saw the words 'off-road' but I just figured... I don't know what I figured but now I'm scared.

Also, the flyer I saw SKINNY BITCH! said 3ish miles. Now all of a sudden it's 4ish miles. I'm gonna die-ish. I get all signed up and then someone mentions something about a creek and climbing out of a ravine up a rope in past years. I got an email that contained phrases such as 'You will be running through the woods, in tall grass, and across a small creek, so dress appropriately. Bring dry clothes to change into after the race." 


And, when we leave home on Sunday morning at 6am, because of the damn time change it will actually be like 5am. Fabulous! 

Wait, is that right? Fall back so what is 6 am will be like 7am. Or 5am? Aw shit! Why can't they just leave the damn time alone?!?!

Oh my God, ya'll! And the Mr won't let me ditch it, something about $40 and broadcasting that I was running to the whole internet. 
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