November 5, 2010

I Kinda Loved Today

For one, because I didn't have to get up at the ass crack of dawn in 20 degree weather to run this morning. Because I ran last night. The whole 3 miles, no stopping or collapsing, no scaring the shit out of myself, and no getting attacked by deer. Things are looking up!

It is 3pm, Asher and I have JUST NOW got home from taking Aidan to school at 9am. There's a story behind this...

Aidan wanted oatmeal for breakfast. Well, of course there was only one package of oatmeal left and he refused to share with Asher. Who, by the way, would never in a zillion years ask for oatmeal any other day. So I gave it to Aidan and took Asher to Mc Donald's where Asher stalked a little boy into the bathroom talking about I like him, Mama, he'sth gonna be my besth friend! . Then we took some paperwork to Daddy's office and hit PetSmart for some ridiculously expensive glucosamine tablets for our elderly, crippled ass dog. Next we hit Target at about 10:45am.

1:15pm we emerged from Target. Two and a half hours. With a three year old boy in tow. Go ahead, I'll wait while you perfect your curtsey.

I just have one thing to say to myself. Self, just because something is on clearance doesn't mean you need to buy it. Who are you? Your mother-in-law?

And finally we swung by the little store that has been holding my Miche bag for me. I have went back and forth the last two weeks about getting it or buying a Nintendo DS for Aidan for Christmas. Okay, let's be honest - in the end the choice was either buy the purse and the DS or just the DS. Okay okay, let's be really honest - we're going to be buying 2 DS's. So it's the purse and 2 DS's or just 2 DS's. Anywhooo, I'm looking at my purse now. BUT, here's the thing, I got the purse and Anna's Christmas ornament for less than I would have paid for the purse alone 2 weeks ago. Thank you little personally owned gift shop Christmas discount.

Now if someone would just come cook dinner tonight, this would be the perfect day. *Reaches for the take out menu folder*


The Red Headed Mama said...

Sounds like a lovely day...and I LOVE my Miche bag. LOVE. I have the big bag with Sophie and Oakley. They make me happy :)

Anonymous said...

Yay you! Sounds like a WONDERFUL day. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself! :)