October 26, 2010

No Such Thing

It's finally happened. I've got a kid who is convinced there are monsters. He wakes up several times a night yelling about monsters and being scared. Then he climbs in bed with us. I do not like to sleep with either of the boys but Asher is the worst. He's like a little space heater turned up on high and I can't stand to be hot. Tonight he was begging to sleep with us and we tried unsuccessfully to steer him away from that idea by promising the leave the lights on and closet doors open. He wasn't having any part of it. I thought Well, okay Ash, you can sleep in the spare room which is upstairs where our room is rather than downstairs where their room is. Oh no! Dere's a monsther on the bed in the sthpare room. He'sth stho mean to me! I'm sthcared, Mama. Can I sthleep in yous guys room. So our bed it is. He had to have both lamps on and I watched him through the crack of the doorway and his eyes just darted around the room constantly. I felt so bad for him, he's really really scared! 

I don't know what it could be other than watching Scooby Doo like a little fiend the past few weeks. He loves Monster House and Coraline, too. Maybe all the Halloween decorations and costumes? Running around in this might not be helping things in that department. 

While we were desperately trying to convince Asher that there are no monsters, little jackass Aidan comes running out of the guest room screaming about monsters just to screw with Asher. Of course he got in trouble for it but when he came back upstairs he had written Asher this note.

*Photo missing*

God, I love that boy! How sweet is that?


Opto-Mom said...

Pretty dang sweet! You need to buy some type of gadget and tell him it's a monster detector that he can keep by his bed. Maybe an old remote or something he hasn't seen before.

Rathi said...

Awww... isn't he a cutie... that is a sweet work

Ordie O. said...

What a sweet little kid. Poor Asher. Maybe you need an exorcism. Think about it. (just like I had to think about The Shining whenever you turds would say "Redrum!" to freak me out when you were kids, heh heh heh).

Teisha said...

My girl has recently become afraid of ghosts because of all the Halloween specials they've been playing on Nick Jr. I'm convinced Nick Jr. is run by a bunch of pothead assholes.

Aidan is a little sweetie!

Anonymous said...

Kudos to Aidan for being a very cool brother.. Scaring your kid brother is part of it but writing apology letters is def. a reflection of Mom n' Dad, so kudos to you as well.
I'm going thru this with my grandson right now.. He sleeps with a hideous disco ball light on.. Like that's not scarier than a monster!