October 13, 2010

If The 1st Tactic Fails

Asher - MOM! Aidan hit me!

Aidan - Well, he hit me first!

Me - If you had told me when he hit you, he'd be in trouble but since you hit him back you are the one in trouble. Go stand in the corner.

*5 minutes later

Me - So what happens if Asher hits you?

Aidan - I tell you and he gets in trouble.

Me - But if you hit him back?

Aidan - I'm in trouble.

Me - Asher, what happens if Aidan hits you?

Asher - Me whack him.

Me - No, if he hits you, you tell Mama and he gets in trouble. But if you hit him back, you'll be in trouble.

Asher - Ok, Mama.

*6 seconds later

Asher - MOM! Aidan hit me!

Aidan - He hit me first!

Me - Oh good God! Really?!?! Fine, just fight it out and whoever bleeds first loses and goes in the corner.

*wide eyed looks of confusion


Texan Zombie Goddess said...


cbs111 said...

I had this exact conversation with my boys yesterday!

Night Owl Mama said...

LOL this is what I have to look forward to? LMAO
I say they both get the corner everytime!

Unknown said...

hahah, we talk about the retaliation theory all the time.

Anonymous said...

Perfect parenting! :)

MostlyFlumxdArt said...

Wish you had a "like" button.
My 7 year old is writing her heart story for class about how her sister hit her and I told them to go work it out when they came to tell me all about it. A Heart Story about hitting!