October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Finally, something that makes this whole parenthood schtick worthwhile - Halloween. The kids get to dress up and run rampant around the neighborhood, scoring whole candy bars from several houses and wearing themselves out before I, dutiful parent that I am, confiscate the loot. It's all over now, they are mercifully sleeping and we are sampling thoroughly checking the candy for needles. I'm just sad that I won't be able to threaten them with not going trick or treating any more. 

We took the boys trick or treating at a train museum in town and as I said before, they struck gold in our neighborhood. Another Halloween survived!


Anonymous said...

Awesome costumes! The boys look adorable! :)
It sucks when the kids get older and go to parties.. No sampling of the goodies for Mom then.. Like they can't bring me home a margarita.. Or two.. ;)

Opto-Mom said...

We lived in New Orleans for my 1st Halloween. My parents got me some cute little costume, and then we paraded down the street to trick or treat.

Well, in New Orleans (or in this particular neighborhood), you don't knock on the door, get candy, and leave. Oh no! You knock on the door, come inside, and the kid gets candy and the parents get a bloody Mary. Same thing at the next house. My parents were schnockered by the end of the night!

However, I think if you trick or treat in New Orleans now, you either get crack or you get shot.

Unknown said...

nicely done