October 27, 2010

Does Every Blog Post Deserve A Title?

Just a few thoughts bouncing around my brain...

Dear Grey's Anatomy,
Really? Christina managed to actually get married this time but she still sleeps at Meredith's? We get it, she's got commitment issues, she's a man. We had that by the end of Season 1. Can we move on now? Also, would it really be that detrimental to the show to kill off Derek? Just a thought. Sleep on it, the idea will grow on you.
Bored in Iowa

Been checking my stats this week. "What is a martian?" is a popular search phrase leading people here from Google. Please tell me those are all 6 year olds. Reason #479 I can't wait to get this blog renamed. On a related note, I can see you checking my blog 48 times a day. Yeah, you! No, not you, you I don't mind. You!

Partial blog feeds piss me off. It's kind of like bullying by proxy. Nobody likes a bully.

I finally found HTML code to block people from right clicking and taking my photos. It even let me write the message that pops up when someone tries. Go ahead, try, I find myself pretty damn hysterical.

I was watching Detroit 187 online with my headphones on while Aidan watched Alvin and the Chipmunks The Squeakquel. 20 minutes in he pulls an earbud out of my ear and says I don't really like watching this. I said Why? You asked to watch it!. to which he replied Because it's in Spanish, Mama. Doh!!! Sorry, kid.

It is 12:09am right now and Asher sits next to me eating pepperoni slices and drawing. Want to know why? Because he took an afternoon nap. So in exchange for a 2 hour nap, you get to stay up 4+ hours past bedtime and torture me? Something about this scenario is fucked up.

Out of the blue Mr said he had a couple posts in his head to guest blog here sometime. I'm all for it but he's forgotten them. I think he needs some more persuasion. Who else wants to read what the he has to say?
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