October 24, 2010

A Dilemma

Skinny Bitch got me into a BUNCO group here and I went for the first time on Thursday night. The last BUNCO group I was in was fine but you never heard the F word, it was completely theme-less, zero alcohol flowed and someone's head might have exploded if I whipped out a cigarette. This new BUNCO group? Imagine you walk into a room filled with 13 women who look like they make regular appearances on the society pages. Now close your eyes and imagine the dialogue and vocabulary is like you're standing on the deck of the USS Chafee. Alcohol flows from beer fountains and there are several smoke breaks in which everyone participates. It's like my own personal wet dream, ya'll. Now if I can just manage to speak to anyone other than Skinny Bitch next time...

One of the gals had a purse. A Miche Bag. Who else knew about these and didn't tell me? Holy shit, I have to have one of these. One specific one actually, the Sophia large. Where the hell is my PR pitch from Miche, my free product to review and keep as my very own?

Here's my dilemma, should I really be the girl who shows up next time with exactly the same purse? Doesn't sound like a great idea to me. And no, I can't just not bring that purse to BUNCO because hello, what's the point of having a bitchin' bag if you can't show it off to everyone? 

New friends or bitchin' bag? Tough decision.
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