October 3, 2010

30 Days, Day 3

Favorite television show.

I need some more direction here. I mean, best TV show on now? Best TV show that's over? Best premium series or best cable series or best network series, what? What do you want from me!!?? Lost is a  contender simply because I watched 5 seasons within a span of two weeks. Grey's, Sopranos, NYPD Blue, Medium, Six Feet Under, The Tudors... how do I choose? 

I'll tell you how. I'm an instant gratification kind of girl so it has to be a show that's on right now. A 60 minute time slot is a must because half hour shows just piss me off. I'm gonna have to go with a premium series because they can throw gratuitous sex and foul language around with reckless abandon. I like a little murder and mayhem in my television viewing. Also in my books and movies. And it has to be funny. There's really only one show that fits the bill right now. Dexter, baby! Don't bother calling me on Sunday's at 8pm, I'm unavailable.

Tomorrow, favorite book.


Sarah VM said...

I love Dexter!! It's such a well written show. Can't wait to see what happens next!

Crystal said...

I totally agree, Dexter is one of my favorite shows too. Have fun watching it tonight!

Cassie said...

Definitely. I'm definitely considering ordering Showtime just so I won't miss this season. Of course my sister has been telling me that I can get it for free online so I'm gonna see how that works out first.

Jayme said...

I watched the first five seasons of Lost like that as well- super fast and in a hurry so I could hang with the cool kids during the last season.

I like Dexter, and True Blood (HBO on demand, FYI). Raising Hope is brand new, love it. It's a 30 min sitcom though, but it's funny.

Lorie Shewbridge said...

I saw one season of Dexter when I had Showtime free for a year, same with Nurse Jackie and I loved both of them. Now that we don't have it anymore, I don't get to see it and I'm trying to cheapen our bills because of this damn administration that is once again NOT giving us on Social Security a cost of living increase.
I may rent them from the library during the summer when there is nothing to watch.