October 29, 2010

30 Days, Day 29

Hopes, dreams, plans for the next 365 days.

Oh, you want to know my hopes for the next year? My dreams? Puh-leeze, this is bordering on sappy. Okay, my hopes, dreams, and plans for the next year. 

I hope to NOT get pregnant within the next 365 days. If I do, I plan on suing the makers of Mirena and a certain obstetrician in Arkansas. I dream the settlement will cover a nanny for 18 years. 

I hope to get this blog completely renamed and redesigned within the next 365 days. I plan the shit out of it every damn day. I dream my earnings will go from 18 cents a day to, say, a buck?

I hope to not move again for the next 4015 days. If the idea comes up, I plan on digging my heels in and refusing like I'm a damn toddler. I dream it will work.

I plan on...

God I can't even write it. I can't believe this is happening to me. 

I plan on running a 5K within the next year. Actually I'm looking at early November. Thanks a bunch, Skinny Bitch!

I dream I get new bedding and curtains for our bedroom. I plan on not playing fair to get my way. I hope my husband falls for it.

I dream Asher is in preschool within the 365 days.

I plan on hitting my 50 books in 2010. I hope to be well on my way to 60 by this time next year.

I hope my sister and my nephews can come visit this winter. We plan on tearing up the Bluffs!

I dream of going back to school for my Masters, opening my own book store, or somehow working and making my own money within the next 365 days. Or someone could start paying me for this blog, that's one option. 

Tomorrow hopes, dreams, plans past the next year.


Anonymous said...

Just saw this posted on twitter - Love this post!!!

Rathi said...

FAB. I am off to make my list