October 28, 2010

30 Days, Day 28

What's in my purse.

Ah, I was so hoping to put up a photo of my new Miche Sophia bag with all my stuff spilling out of it. Tis not the case. However, come Nov 5 I'll have that bag in hand because a little shop is holding one for me! I love them for that. Until then though, I have this little number.

I got it this summer when we went to Arkansas. My sister had one and the little snot wouldn't give it up so I had to buy my own. She also had the wallet but hers is purple and they only had black when I got mine or it would be purple, too. Isn't the little sister supposed to be copying the big sister?

My wallet.

The cutest day planner for 2010/2011 and a pretty pen just for me.

This little baggie with lipstick, mascara, flossers, Neosporin, nail clippers and nasal decongestant from when I was dying a couple months ago.

Germ X and a hair brush.

Speed Caffiene pills and Advil.

My camera. Yeah, I can't take a picture of my camera cuz I kinda need the camera to take the picture. It's a small silver camera that fits perfectly into an inside pocket.

Wisp mini-brushes.

Pens, chapstick, and coupons that I forget about and therefore never use.

Champaign bottle of bubbles the kids got at a wedding and a wadded up grocery receipt.

Tomorrow hopes, dreams, plans for the next 365 days.


Anonymous said...

HEY! I have that pen, and I LOVE IT! It writes all skinny and puuurdy lol. I usually lose pens everyday but have managed to keep this one for months!

Anonymous said...

Cute planner. :) And holy hell on the grocery recpt.! Are you feeding a small country??

Anonymous said...

@Woman in the Midst - Not an army, just Asher and Aidan. But mostly Asher.