October 27, 2010

30 Days, Day 27

Worst habit.

Really? Have you ever read this blog before? Have we ever met? Obviously my worst habit is cussing. Profanity. Foul language. Cursing. Blasphemy, obscenity, swearing, using vulgar, coarse, filthy, dirty, smutty, taboo, dispirited, racy, sacrilegious, unconsecrated, naughtyprofane, lewd, saucy, juicydowncastunsanctifiedspicyrisque, irreverent, bawdry, ribaldry, raunchy, inflammatory or indecent language. To billingsgate don't ask me, it came up on Super Thesaurus, to bedamn, to imprecate, or to maledict. All of this is my worst habit. Unless you think maybe the OCD that led to my spending an hour scouring the fucking internet to find every synonym for cussing known to, well, the internet to write this blog post should be considered a bad habit. But that would be pretty unctuous of you.

Go ahead, look it up.

Tomorrow, what's in my purse.
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