October 24, 2010

30 Days, Day 24

Where I live.

I've been wanting to blog about this so this prompt is the perfect excuse. And I guess I can do it without putting myself in danger since there are like 600 women in my city who share my name. I live in Council Bluffs, Iowa. And I really do like it. I'm close to my Grandma which is so nice cuz I just love that woman, it's not flat, we're getting a freaking Chik Fil A, and we got a Target. What else do you need? I do have one complaint though. Over the summer the Iowa West Foundation paid 3 Million for sculptures that look like tornado wreckage to grace a bridge that crosses over I80/I29. Google it, it'll be worth it.

Four of them, actually, one on each corner of the bridge. So there's no missing them. They are HUGE! Like 60 feet tall huge, mkay? Now I'm not going to debate what is and what isn't art but I am going to say I hate it! Because it's my blog and I'll bitch if I want to. People are having wrecks under that bridge because these things are so distracting. And I'd like to quote something I heard in a news segment or maybe a newspaper article, I can't remember, but a woman said "It's not really inviting. It kinda says Hey, stop in, we're going to stab you!" Right on, sista!

And that's where I live.

Tomorrow, my day in great detail.


Carrie said...

I've been reading for a few months now, and never realized you were in CB. I'm in Omaha! lol. And omg, a Chik-Fil-A is coming to CB?! I'm so there!

Anonymous said...

@Carrie Well well well, so now my fear that I'll walk into a room of strangers and one of them says "OMG, you're My Kids Might Be Martians!" and then I pass out is quite possible. Good to know :) I wonder how many of us there are in the area, a little bloggy get together might be in order?

Ordie O. said...

It looks like the Mena Tornado Memorial.

Anonymous said...

Sry, I'm behind in my reading.. Please don't beat me. Depriving me of food and drink might be wise tho as I need to lose some fucking weight!
Onto these "works of art." They're hideous. I know it's your blog but I feel free to bitch here too. :)
And @Carrie.. Nice stalking.. I mean comment. ;) I'm so jealous you guys could have a bloggy get together.. :( Makes me wonder how many bloggers I have in my own area.. Town of, not enough people to keep the fucking economy going except in the Summer with all of the unbelievably money making, countless festivals!

Teisha said...

I'm in Iowa but on the other side of the state. But if I ever traveled to CB and saw those things on the bridge I would probably fear for my life.