October 23, 2010

30 Days, Day 23

A Youtube video.

Well, since I'm about done with Youtube - as in I think I may have seen all the videos - I'm gonna throw one out just to piss some folks off. This guy is, well, I don't actually know who he is. I think he is an actor or was an actor? I find him quite a pompous ass. I also really really like him somehow. Everything that comes out of his mouth is condescending but it's just such a pretty mouth. :) It's a long video, watch it or don't, doesn't really matter but if you appreciate a true smart ass, you'll like this. And please, please let's not get into the inevitable argument disguised as intelligent discussion over this subject. I'll go ahead at tag this with Got Me Hate Mail and we can just skip the middle man, mkay?

Tomorrow, where I live.
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