October 20, 2010

30 Days, Day 20

A hobby of mine.

Easy peasy! Reading. Have you looked at my Goodreads profile? What the hell do you guys think those links on my sidebar are for? If I live to be a hundred - please, God, no - I'll never get all the books on my To Read list read. 

I'm halfway through Stephen Where-Does-He-Come-Up-With-This-Shit King's Dreamcatcher. This particular edition is 879 pages and I've got the movie from Blockbuster sitting on my Blu Ray player so it's really all I can do not to just watch it so I can hit my 50 books in 2010 goal but if I did that and didn't finish the book I wouldn't be able to leave it on the 2010 list because I would know I didn't actually read it all and even though no-one else would I would and forever more when I looked at that list I'd know it was a lie and I just can't live a lie because what does that get me really? 

Go ahead, I'll wait while you go back and reread the run on sentence from hell.

We good? Okay, so I say reading is my hobby. The Mr would like me to point out that it's more of an addiction than hobby. He'd rather I take a lover. At least then there'd be a real life flesh and blood reason behind my preoccupation.

So now he has informed that he would not like me to take a lover but would rather I just put the fucking book down and pay attention to him. I tried to point out that at this particular moment, I am not ignoring him for a book but for my laptop and all of my friends inside. He's not amused.

Tomorrow, a recipe.

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Anonymous said...

Holy hell! I've checked out your reading list! I thought I read A LOT! I pass the crown! :)
Ya' know I watched an interview with Stephen King one time and he said his wife comes up with a lot of the ideas for/in his books, like the "Shining?" That was all her. I found that to be interesting.. I've often thought what it must be like to be one of Stephen King's children.. I mean seriously would you ever be afraid of anything, ever?? Or always.. I suppose it could go either way.
In any event, happy reading! (Like I have to tell you twice!)