October 19, 2010

30 Days, Day 19

A talent of mine.

Is it too early to quit this 30 Day shit? I'm bored. 

A talent of mine? I'm pretty talented at using the F word in creative ways. My talent for overlooking a pile of laundry is exceptional. I have a natural talent for pissing people off. Also for getting pissed off. 

I don't have much of a talent for cooking or crafts or decorating. Or for sticking with stuff I don't excel at right off. Or suffering anyone's bullshit in silence for any amount of time. 

I possess a wicked talent for holding a grudge - occasionally I'll make nice but then kicks in my talent for not forgetting what an asshole you were and therefore always will be in my eyes.

I lack mathematical talent beyond simple addition and subtraction. I also lack control of my middle finger should anyone remark that my math deficit or any other perceived shortcoming might be linked to the state in which I was raised and educated.

But I've been told I have a hell of a talent for writing a scathing blog post. 

Tomorrow, a hobby of mine.
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