October 12, 2010

30 Days, Day 12

Something I am OCD about.

So you've got a lot of time, right? Because the list of things I'm not OCD about is far shorter than the list of things I am. I'd like to put a positive twist on things by saying that my being OCD about something is just another way to say I am passionate about it. I love and hate with equal intensity. It's a gift, really. I'll just go with the top thing I am OCD about this week. Yes, even my OCD comes in waves, usually depending on my mood. Does anyone else see hormone therapy in my future?

I am wildly obsessed with finding and editing or removing all things on the internet that identify me personally. I'm contemplating this whole new blog and online identity and reevaluating some relationships both on and offline. I'm trying to figure out who I want to follow me wherever I go and who I wish I had never let in, how to keep specific people out while inviting the rest along for the ride. I'm jerking photos and tightening privacy on Facebook, changing profile photos on blog network sites, deleting entire profiles and listings for Martians on other sites. It's exhausting! I think it would be easier to walk out of my real life, steal an identity and just start over. And don't think that doesn't sound like the preferable choice to dealing with some of the asinine bullshit I find myself dealing with lately. All in all, what I am OCD about is me and mine.

Tomorrow, a fictional book.

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Anonymous said...

Okay now you're just freaky.. I do something very similiar every week.. Never thought I was OCD but thanks for yet another label.. ;)
And now I'm bummed.. What if you don't pick me to go along for the ride.. I'll feel like the fat kid in dodge ball.. :( Guilt, it's one of my talents..