September 12, 2010

Sometimes I Plan Way Ahead

This may or may not be a mommy-blog. It's certainly a mommy-blog that holds the word fuck in high regard. I assumed that in itself would exclude me from the mommy centric stuff. Apparently not. I get offers to review baby slings - hello, my kids are 3 and 6! - when what I really want to review is a 4 star resort in the Bahamas or a GMC Acadia. It's like no one actually reads this blog. They just see the cartoon martian in the header and the word kids in the title and BAM! Pitch the bitch some organic chicken nuggets, see if she bites. 

And that is why shit is gonna change around here. 

I know, I know, it changes all. the. time. But this time I'm talking about a whole new ball game. New design, new title, new domain. Rest assured, this does not mean I'm going to stop bitching about my kids because hello, they're kind of a pain in the ass and therefore excellent blog fodder. Just the outward appearance/theme/genre will be much less kid-y. My domain registration runs out in April of 2011 so that's the big date. In the meantime I already know who I'm going to have design it - you know who you are, skank - but my loyal readers (all 7 of you) get to help me come up with a new title and tag line. 

There are rules
1. The word mom or any variation of it - mama, mommy, mum, mother, or ma - is prohibited
2. No references to kids, this thing is about ME
3. As much as I adore the language of profanity, no curse words
4. It must be short - at least shorter than My Kids Might Be Martians cuz, damn!


Unknown said...

Exciting stuff! I'm in the midst of doing the same thing. I decided it was past time for me to switch to Wordpress, and while I was at it I might as well go ahead and switch to a new domain, totally re-brand my site. I'm tired of the diaper pitches, too. I wasn't there, but evidently there were a couple of fabulous speakers yesterday at Bloggy Boot Camp in Philly with great advice on blog design and branding. They will be posting the info on their sites within the next couple of days, and as it hits I'll send you links.

Ms. G said...

I know what you mean. My kids are in high school and I don't even do reviews but I get "share our awesome play pens with your readers." I guess I could put my 17year old in one.

Umm..How about:
Sissy's Language..Unleashed!

Texan Zombie Goddess said...

I change my blog name all the time lol. I'll have to noodle on this new blog title for a bit. But no 'fuck', 'mom' and other things like it :).

Anonymous said...

I'm also dropping the "Sissy" moniker. Too many freaks searching for "sissy boys" and shit like that.

Opto-Mom said...

Da Crazy Bitch. No, wait that has a cuss word.

Hmmm, I'll keep thinking.

Rikki said...

Might I suggest:

"My Life Among the Barbarians"

Which is a more common word or

"My Life among the Philistines"

Which is what my mom use to say.

Jayme said...

I love that you are focusing on you! I can't wait to see what this place turns into :)

cbs111 said...

"The Properties of Eff" just to forewarn those offended by profanity to not bother.

I'm looking forward to seeing it.

Crazy Brunette said...


I love you slut!

How about 'This Is NO Fucking Mommy Blog Bitch'

Just sayin...

Unknown said...

Chaos Ensues
Shenanigans Ensue
Hilarity Ensues

...or something along those lines :)

Kirby said...

While I cant think of a name for ya yet (it took me FOREVER to come up with one myself!) I will say that I do love them damn GMC Acadias too and wish someone would do a giveaway of that shit! I would enter a million times!

ummmhello said...

Fuck!! Yeah, I just love being able to swear like a sailor with other moms :)
My blog gets a remake every year, whether it needs it or not. I don't spring clean the house, I spring clean my blog!

Megan said...

I'm taking this assignment very seriously.

So far I have "Unicorn Sparkles: A Tail of Love"

Or "Dedicated to Raising Funds for Orphans in Various Countries, But Not Switzerland Cause They're Doing Fine Without Me"

I'll keep working on it.

Teisha said...

Sorry, can't help you. I had the hardest time coming up with my mental vomit title. And, people really find you by searching 'sissy boy'? Freaks.

Brenda Susan said...

Good idea, you are more than a mommy. I kind of avoid the mommy blogs unless they sound like someone who has a life beyond the kiddos. You do, so I am excited to see what happens here!

Lorie Shewbridge said...

As much as I LOVE the look and name of your blog, I completely understand. I can't think of a new name, I mean, look how creative I was with mine... DOH!
Good luck with the makeover.
I'll miss the little martian. :-(

Deb said...

No ideas here, but I love the idea of reinventing the blog just for you!