September 7, 2010

Questions for the Universe

Can you, for the love of all that is right in the world, explain to me how it is that all 7 of the stop lights between my house and Aidan's school are in cahoots to screw with me? For instance, if I have managed to leave the house a few minutes early or just on time and a few red lights wouldn't hurt anything, they are all green. On the other hand, if, say theoretically, I am on the verge of actually having an accident of the bathroom variety, every mother farking light is red. And not just I come up on it and it's red, it's turns red 2 seconds before I get to it - therefore prolonging my time there to the max.

Does Facebook read my mind? Because somehow they know that there are people in my peripheral life that I really just can't stand. Hence they are not my Facebook friends, see how that works? But Facebook keeps putting their irritating mug up, suggesting that I add them as a friend. But do you think they've managed to track down one, just ONE old friend from jr high? Oh hell no, what kind of sense would that make?

This one isn't a question for the universe, per se, other than it's just another example of stuff in my life that makes me audibly ask "Why? Just why?". Today was picture day at school for Aidan. Today was also the start of spirit week at school for Aidan, Hat Day to be exact. Now why, WHY would you tell Kindergarteners and First graders that they can wear a hat to school on. picture. day? Is it specifically so that I can try to reason with a little boy that yes, he can wear a hat to school but not until after the pictures are taken? Because everyone knows little boys are notorious for being logical and reasonable, right? Also, aside from the fight over the hat, Aidan and I threw down over what he would wear to have pictures taken in. I firmly suggested khaki shorts and a polo shirt, color of his choice. He countered with a grey Batman t-shirt and blue nylon shorts. This was never a negotiation, clearly he was not aware. It was not a peaceful morning. I can only imagine the expression his face will hold for the photos. 

So, again, I ask - Why? Just why?


Teisha said...

I have to go over train tracks to drop the kids off at the babysitter's. The train gods eff with me every time I'm running late which is more often than not.
And Aidan's school gets a big fat FAIL for planning picture day on hat day.

Lorie Shewbridge said...

We only have 3 lights that lead out of town here and they all manage to screw with us whenever we are running late, too. It is the universe, definitely.
I cannot stand the damn Facebook suggestions that keep popping up of those ugly people that I didn't like back then and would NEVER want to friend now!
Hat Day on Picture Day... had to be set up by someone who does NOT have children and really hates mothers. Stupid troll!!