September 2, 2010

Pity Should Be Unconditional

For the past week+ I've been dying. 

No, really, DYING. 

I've got a sinus infection or an allergy to, I don't know, air? or I've somehow caught the bubonic plague or scarlet fever. Whatever it is, it sucks. I've called to whine to my mom about it a couple times and finally she inquired as to why it was that I was bitching instead of going to the dr. When I told her it was because I don't want to get weighed she withdrew her pity. She then proceeded to cackle a half breathless cackle and went into a mock conversation with the Mr - I'm sorry, she wouldn't let us weigh her so we didn't know how much medication to give her. I'm afraid we lost her. Bwahahahaha! 

She's  hysterical, that one!
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