September 1, 2010

Funny Is All Around Me

I, for reasons I cannot articulate, was watching the Outdoor Channel with my husband. That's his brand of reality TV.

So this grown ass man is up in a tree stand and the "buck of a lifetime" (note: they're always the buck of a lifetime) is in front of him. He draws back his bow, releases the arrow... right underneath the deer.

Deer runs off and he proceeds to throw. a. fit. in the deer stand and 2 full minutes of bleep bleep bleep bleep bleep can't bleep believe bleep bleep buck bleep next time...

The show cuts to another day or maybe the same day, I don't know because they wear cammo every day. The same buck is out in front of him, he draws back his bow, releases the arrow... right over the buck's back. Basically a repeat of the stomping, cursing, fit throwing scene from before ensued.

Finally he's on the same buck again and he manages to hit the damn thing this time. And then he puffs up and goes into his spiel about what a great hunter he is. Really, dude? You know there's a camera following you, right? Funny!

An excerpt of a text convo between me and my neighbor:

Me - Whatcha doin?

Her - Cleaning piss off the treadmill. U?

Me - Haha! Kid or dog?

Her - Kid!

At this point I was basically just thrilled that kind of shit doesn't just happen to me. Funny!

This morning Aidan was struggling to get out of the truck with his Target bag of snacks for the class. The ever present pack of teachers who are supposed to assist students but more often watch them struggle did nothing, as expected. Finally as he gets up from tumbling out of the truck, one comes over and reaches for the bag and he glares at her and says "Leave it alone! I already FELL!". I love that kid! Funny!


Opto-Mom said...

Ha ha! Love it!!! Hunters are insane. I seriously thought we were going to have to put my uncle on suicide watch after he missed "the deer of a lifetime." For real! I made my husband go down and sit with him a while, just to make sure he was ok.

Teisha said...

Haha - hunting shows were an ever present annoyance when I was growing up. Thankfully Hubs doesn't watch that shit, but he watches old westerns that are equally as annoying.
And Aidan gets a virtual *hi5* from me!

Anonymous said...

is there a way to connect you to facebook? I would love to share your blog w/ my facebook friends and family. You make me laugh numorus time daily!!! (this is AshMoLeigh.. not sure if you remember me)

Anonymous said...

Ash - I can't find your email addy! Here is the link to my blog on Facebook

Lorie Shewbridge said...

OMG... Aidan is my favorite kid on the planet! I hope the teacher felt properly reprimanded as she got what was deserved.
Aidan ROCKS!!