September 23, 2010


Who else has wasted 16 hours doing Five on Facebook? You know, 5 cars you'd like to own, 5 places you'd never eat at again, 5 ways you'd dispose of a body... you get the point. Well, I'd like to take this opportunity to steal the idea from Living Social and parley it into a blog post. Hey, when your brain is mush like mine has been, it's steal shit to post or die a slow blog death.

Five people I'd like to slap the shit out of.

*Kristen Stewart - For so many reasons but right now, for biting her bottom lip. Every. 6. seconds. We get it, you're angst ridden!

*Sarah Palin - How could I have known on August 29, 2008 that this woman would still be irritating me 2+ years later with no end in sight. She's really not going away, is she?

*Taylor Swift - Yes, I know Kanye was mean to her, yes I know she's cute, yes, I know her songs are catchy. I still don't like the twit.

*Lady Gaga - For real, what's wrong with jeans and a tank top? Or even those annoying and universally unflattering skinny jeans and a flowy shirt with a radically uneven hem. Everyday is NOT Halloween so stop with the costumes, mkay?

*Spencer Pratt - Simply because someone needs to bitch slap him for being a bitch. Seriously.

Wow, I'm really just getting started. I've even got some folks in my real life I wouldn't mind whacking but who knows who all reads this blog. Note to self: Self, go totally anonymous on new blog so you can talk shit without bounds.

P.S. Yes, I had to go back and label this post with Got Me Hate Mail. Apparently some people liked Lady Gaga's meat dress. Oh, well, how dare I have an opinion and write it in MY blog. Go fuck yourself, troll!
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