September 23, 2010


Who else has wasted 16 hours doing Five on Facebook? You know, 5 cars you'd like to own, 5 places you'd never eat at again, 5 ways you'd dispose of a body... you get the point. Well, I'd like to take this opportunity to steal the idea from Living Social and parley it into a blog post. Hey, when your brain is mush like mine has been, it's steal shit to post or die a slow blog death.

Five people I'd like to slap the shit out of.

*Kristen Stewart - For so many reasons but right now, for biting her bottom lip. Every. 6. seconds. We get it, you're angst ridden!

*Sarah Palin - How could I have known on August 29, 2008 that this woman would still be irritating me 2+ years later with no end in sight. She's really not going away, is she?

*Taylor Swift - Yes, I know Kanye was mean to her, yes I know she's cute, yes, I know her songs are catchy. I still don't like the twit.

*Lady Gaga - For real, what's wrong with jeans and a tank top? Or even those annoying and universally unflattering skinny jeans and a flowy shirt with a radically uneven hem. Everyday is NOT Halloween so stop with the costumes, mkay?

*Spencer Pratt - Simply because someone needs to bitch slap him for being a bitch. Seriously.

Wow, I'm really just getting started. I've even got some folks in my real life I wouldn't mind whacking but who knows who all reads this blog. Note to self: Self, go totally anonymous on new blog so you can talk shit without bounds.

P.S. Yes, I had to go back and label this post with Got Me Hate Mail. Apparently some people liked Lady Gaga's meat dress. Oh, well, how dare I have an opinion and write it in MY blog. Go fuck yourself, troll!


Rathi said...

LOL! Hey i so darn agree with Kristin Stewart.. i just cant stand her... Nada Never

Cassie said...

What?! You're not dying for a meat dress and purse of your very own? LOL

Niki said...

I agree with you about Lady Gaga. I despise her music even more than I do her clothes.

LivingDeadNurse said...

i agree with kristin...whiney too.

lady gaga and the meat costume...i bet PETA had a field day with that...eww

statia said...

Lady Gaga is one of those people I want to not like, but despite her unfortunate fashion, I still like her.

Anonymous said...

Statia - I actually do like her music. I just don't get the outfits all the time. While performing, sure but all the time?

MsPicketToYou said...

I think I love you.

Crafts And Activities For Kids said...

OMG! I think I love your sense of writing and style! You totally crack me up :) And YES, Kristen does bite her lip a bit too much, Ahahahahhahhah!

Ordie O. said...

But you forgot Julia Roberts. And if you go completely anonymous, we're not gonna know where to find you and you'll have to start over with people who don't know you and then what are we gonna do? Troll! Lol! Hey, has anyone ever been stalked and murdered over a blog about Sarah Palin? Braahaaahaaaahaaaa!

Lorie Shewbridge said...

Don't hate me, but I agree with you about everyone of these people except Sarah Palin.
She can be annoying at times, but I do sort-of like her.
As for the rest of the freaks... they can all go away and live on a deserted island as far as I'm concerned. Oh, wait, didn't Spencer try that once and someone let him come back to civilization? What damn idiot let him do that?