August 6, 2010

Meds Shouldn't Make Things Harder

So Asher has bronchitis. He was pretty pathetic for a few days but after a couple nebulizer treatments, he's back to kicking his big brother's ass. Aidan said he wishes Asher was sick again. And ya know what? It really was peaceful while he was down.

Oh pipe down, Anonymous. Remember what we talked about last time? Kthanksbye!

I am in the middle of a letter to whoever the hell makes Prednisone liquid for kids. It's going something like this...

Dear Makers of Prednisone Who Obviously Don't Have Kids,

Have you put that shit you created in your mouth? Apparently not. It is raunchy! I tried putting it in applesauce, in juice, in peanut butter, and in Nutella. NUTELLA! And he spit it back in my face. Dude, if Nutella can't cover the nastyness of something, there's a serious problem. In short, you fucked something up. And thank you for that because I've got 9 more doses of this shit to get into him. He already won't eat or drink anything I've had my hands on because he's terrified I've slipped some of your poison medicine in it.

Mom of a Dissatisfied Customer
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