August 15, 2010

Is This What The Term Ass Breath Refers To?

Aidan interrupted my beauty rest this am by barging in and yelling about Asher.

Mom! Asher stinks! He must have pooped. You need to change him!

He doesn't wear diapers, Aidan. Are you sure? Does he have poop on him?

I don't know, but he stinks!

Asher, come here.

*Asher stomps in and immediately pulls down his pants to show me his bare but poopless butt*

Aidan, he did not poop. Leave him alone.

*Overheard from the my room*

See, Aidan! I didn't poop! Me big guy!

Oh my God, Asher it's your BREATH! Your breath stinks! You HAVE to brush your teeth! Yuck!
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