July 1, 2010

So Much For Counting On Family

So after the sunburn from hell, my back is now mucho itchy and peeling. As you can imagine, the sunburn being on my back and all, I can't reach it to sufficiently scratch or peel it myself. The way I see things, my husband, being sworn to obey during those pesky wedding vows, is duty bound to scratch and peel my back for me. 

Honey, I need you to peel my back, it's driving me crazy.

What!? No way!

What?!?! Whaddaya mean, 'No way', you HAVE to!

No I don't and I'm not doing it. Yuck.

Are you being serious right now?

Uh, yes, I am.

Bullshit, you're peeling my back tonight.


Later in the evening...

Seriously, honey, I need you to help me.

I'm. not. peeling. dead. skin. off. your. back.

I can't believe this! How am I supposed to get it off?

Use that bushy thing in the shower.

The loofah? That thing only reaches as far as my fingers can reach! You have to do it!

I'll get my belt sander out and do it then.

I'm taking this to the blog....

The next morning...

Aidan! Come here.

Mama, Asher hit me first so I...

Just quit, that's not why I called you. I need your help.

Oh, ok, I'll help.

See my back? I need you to peel all that skin off.

No way, gross, Mom!

Aw fucking hell!
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