July 12, 2010

Meet The Parents

Ah the hometown dates. Such good blog fodder, thank you ABC.

Ok, first things first. So, the network can pay to fly those fools all around the world but can't pop to touch up Ali's roots. Jesus fuck! The extensions, the bobby pin mass, and the roots are burning my eyes, the laugh/cackle is bursting my eardrums... I am so damn glad we are at the final 4!

Also, here is a list of shit I wish Ali would never. say. again.
There's no doubt in my mind thaaat...
Just seeing Roberto/Chris/Kirk/Frank in his element...
It feels soooo gooood to...
...someone I'm gonna share my life with.
This is getting really serious now.

Roberto in Tampa. Rico Suave is still too pretty for Ali, that hasn't changed. Sorry.

Chris in Massachusetts. Um, did Ali make herself that tail to bond with Chris's dog? To each her own, I guess.

Kirk's dad's basement. Oh bloody hell, if that wasn't the absolute best reaction ever! I think they picked Kirk JUST for that basement. 

Frank in Chicago.  How awesome of Frank's family to explain away his neurosis. Blood is thicker than nationally televised prostitution!

Pre-Rose ceremony therapy session with Dr Chris Harrison, general rehashing of everything we just watched for the last 90 minutes *Has this show always been 2 hours long every episode, day-um!* Ali bores me to tears some more, Ali walks into the ceremony with her pouty face on *smack!*, after a really annoyingly long time, 2 roses are out, enter Captain No Shit There's Only One Rose Left, and buh-bye Kirk!

The end.

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Lorie Shewbridge said...

HaHaHa.... lovin' these recaps.
Since I don't watch the show, you are going to HAVE to tell me about this basement. WTF was in the basement??? A dead body?