July 13, 2010

Leavin' On A Jet Plane, Er, In A Jeep Commander

The kids are sitting in the truck in the garage. I'm inside hiding. See, they are excited about this suicide mission trip to Arkansas but me? Not so much. Oh, I'm excited to get there but unlike life, the ride isn't the good part. Based on this morning's events - which by the way started at 6:50am - they'll be hitching a ride before we hit Kansas City. Sucks to be whoever picks them up.

Ok, I just heard 6 door slams. Now assuming they somehow managed to reach the hatchback, they have slammed at least one door twice. Hold on...



This is going to be a long fucking trip!

18 days, I'm not taking my laptop *gasp* so the only blogging I'll be doing will be in 160 characters or less. Hey Blackberry, I'm not a girl who relishes restrictions or limits. SO QUIT BOSSING ME! I've set up a few posts while I'm gone but consider this a blog-cation. Except still stop by to check cuz my self worth is all wrapped up in the numbers and stats and you wouldn't want me to feel bad now would ya? I thought not. 

Okay, well, that's about all the procrastinating I've got in me. I think I hear the boys sniffling, gonna give 'em a dose of Benadryl just to be on the safe side.

What? Don't judge until you've ridden in a confined space with them for more than 16 minutes, mkay?
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