July 25, 2010

Hey Mother Nature, You Suck!

We've been here 12 days.  Every day has been hot as all hell, no rain, damn sure no storms. So last week we decided to rent the city pool out for this evening, invite a bunch of folks and have a good time. 

Then Mother Nature had to show her ass. 

This afternoon while we were swimming at another pool, the sky clouds over and it starts pouring ice cold rain, the wind starts howling, tree branches are coming down, thunder is rumbling and lightening is cracking. I'm all No fucking way, surely to hell this isn't happening TODAY.  And Mother Nature was all Uh, bet your ass it is, in fact, here, why don't ya'll stay awhile. And we huddled together in the bathroom because we couldn't even see to get to the truck. And I'm all, You mother fucker! And she's all, Oh, alright, I'll clear up a bit for your little soiree... Sike! *random bolt of lightening AT THE POOL*

Have any of you ever seen what happens when you tell 2 six year olds, a five year old, and a three year old that the pool party you've been using as a calming technique, threatening tool, reward, and other miscellaneous parenting no-nos for the past 6 days that there is now not going to be a pool party at all? Dude, it'll make you consider risking the electrocution dangers. I mean, what the hell, fried kids are quiet kids, right?

*Seriously, Anonymous, look up sarcasm and sarcastic humor and then count to ten before you send me an email. Or don't and I'll relentlessly taunt you from my blog. Yeah, that'd be more fun.


Texan Zombie Goddess said...

My sister in sarcasm, I salute you.

Teisha said...

Hilarious! Mother Nature has been screwing with me lately too. I have daydreams of junk punching her. Also, I love your sarcasm disclaimer!

ummmhello said...

Bwahahaa I think I just snorted my Diet Coke! I think I've found a sister in sarcasm here...

Lorie Shewbridge said...

Man, that just sucks big time!!
Were you able to get any of your money back for the rental?