July 8, 2010

A Few Things

My luck, she may be a changin' - I won 2 things in the last few weeks. A Wii game from Firefly Blog and a blog makeover from Designs by Vheil. My Sponsored Tweets is finally at a payout level, an old sponsor contacted me and wants to place their ad again, AND that same company chose me to review a totally awesome product that I am in desperate need of and would have never bought for myself. So, yay me!

That marks the end of my positiveness, let's get back to the true spirit of this blog, shall we?

The boys and I leave for Arkansas next Tuesday and we'll be there until the end of July. That part is awesome and I can't wait! The part I'm not looking forward to is the endless hours in the car with the two of them hitting, kicking, biting, punching, spitting, screaming, arguing, whining, and basically making me crazy. I ordered wireless headphones so I don't have to listen to Chicken Little seventeen times in a row so it's possible that could save their young lives but it's really a toss up. Check back for updates to find out for sure. I don't have much hope for them.

Before we leave, Aidan will turn 6. That means only 12 more years until we can legally kick him out of the house. He told me recently that he was going to always live with me and I may have scared him by laughing maniacally for 3 solid minutes. So we're having a soccer themed birthday party on Saturday. Ya think anyone has bothered to RSVP? Nope. So we could have 15 people. Could have 35. Who knows? Makes for difficult planning. People are assholes.

I finally saw Eclipse. Alone. Yes, I'm a loser. I've gotta say, I liked this one! Kristen Stewart irritated me significantly less than she has in the past 2 movies and I think she went the whole movie without biting her bottom lip. Yes, I was watching for it. Yes, I'm a petty, judgy, bitch like that. Anyway, she played human pretty well so she's improving. I found Jacob less hot this time - and now he's legal, go figure! I still think Patty Boy is no Edward but I've decided that the Twilight books and the Twilight movies are two completely separate stories to me so I guess he's ok as movie Edward.

Um, I'm gaining weight like it's my fucking JOB and I'm working OVERTIME and it's pissing me off. And if one more skinny bitch says "move more, eat less", I'm gonna lose. my. shit. I'm talking to you, Jillian, you fucking Freak of Nature Nazi Drill Sergeant! I ever meet you in a dark alley, I'm gonna use the velocity behind my fat ass to pin you down and feed you your 30 Day Shred DVD and my hand weights. 

That's all for now. 
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