June 20, 2010

Why Did I Want Them To Learn To Talk Again?

Aidan's best one this week...

Oh man, I farted and a little bitta poop came out!

And some via Asher...

Asher - Mama, I want candy, I peed.
Me - You get candy for pooping, not pee pee.
Asher - But Mama, I farted!

Me - Asher Matthew, that is ENOUGH!
Asher - No, it NOT enough!

Asher - Yuck! You kissed me on my face! *wipes cheeks feverishly*


Rathi said...


Lorie Shewbridge said...

God, I've had a bad week, but your kids made my week! Love them!!

Unknown said...

that's called a "shart"

Anonymous said...

LOL they are adorable :)