June 11, 2010

Week In Summary

This week sucked!  On Sunday I learned that a friend from high school died. Just gone.  She was the first one from our class that we lost and damn if it wasn't a shock.  A really shitty shock.  I wasn't able to go home for the funeral and I really, really wanted to.  So yeah, poor me, right?  Then, today all this awfulness about the flash flood that killed so many in Arkansas. Several kids.  Kids who went camping with their parents and now they're dead.  Just gone.  And what's there to do about it? Nothing, that's what.  So yeah, poor me, right?

On a positive note, Nutella.  For real, ya'll, I didn't know about Nutella!  It's like a mother truckin' bit of Christmas in my damn mouth!  I bought it cuz I heard you can put it on anything and kids will eat it.  Betcha I don't find out because so far all it's made it's way onto is a spoon which then goes directly into my mouth.  Screw the kids, this is MINE!

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