June 10, 2010

Tonight On The Bachelorette

... Ali wears something yellow.

...Ali speaks at all times exactly like Whoopi Goldberg when she does her White Girl Voice on The View.  Look it up, you'll see I'm right on.

...Ali says "Whoever Is In Front Of Me Right Now could be the guy for me!"

...all the guys talk shit about Wrestler Justin, Ali listens to none of it.

...Little Brother I Never Wanted Weatherman Jonathan wears gross speedos. I could have lived my whole life without seeing that.

...Ali will equate completing some pansy ass daredevil stunt such as skydiving, riding in a helicopter *eyeroll* to overcoming turbulent times in life and love. GAG.

...everyone says "this journey" seven hundred times.

*eyeroll* *huge eyeroll* *multiple eyerolls* *eyeroll* *huge eyeroll* *multiple eyerolls* *eyeroll* *huge eyeroll* *multiple eyerolls* 

Not that I'm blogging about The Bachelorette...
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