June 12, 2010

Time Marches On

This post was inspired by Trisha, who blogged about past and coming back no matter how awful they were the first time fashion trends. I think I could have an entire blog dedicated to the dumb shit I wore and did in the name of fashion and being cool.  And I had to improvise which made me all that much more pathetic.  Let's get started.

#1 Keds.  The white, canvas ones.  Leather was not a cool alternative.  I wore the Wal-Mart ones without the awesome blue logo on the back.  That is, until my friend got a new pair and I took the Keds tag off hers and glued it onto my new Wal-Mart pair.  Over and over and over.  I was nothing if not thrifty and inventive!

#2 Panda Coin Rings.  Dude, these things could make you or break you in middle school.  I didn't get one until high school.  Forever on the tail end of the cool arc.  

#3 Mall Bangs.  One thing I never had a problem with was making my hair big.  I could tease my bangs within a millimeter of their existence.  One time in my young life when I was glad I had curly hair.  Then the fucking Rachel came out and I was again relegated to "uncool".  I never watched a single episode of Friends until I was in college.

#4 Body suits. First morning of freshman year of high school and we all gathered in the gym for orientation.  The entire female population of the school, minus me, was wearing a body suit in some form.  I remember thinking, What the FUCK, why didn't I know about this!?!  So much for a new high school beginning.  Obviously I didn't watch 90210 either.

I was also guilty of pegging my jeans, my stone washed jeans at that. I wore 2 different NEON-colored slouch socks over black, stretchy stirrup pants.  It's even possible that I rocked a pair of overalls and Doc Martin boots. Summertime found me sporting cut off jean shorts, neatly rolled to hide frayed edges, with a Button Your Fly T-shirt.

Well, that's enough of that little trip down memory lane.  Thank God there wasn't cell phone cams and digital cameras all over back then.
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