June 21, 2010

Musical Monday - It's About The Video

Erykah Badu got some flak for the video for her song Window Seat.  In it, she is seen stripping as she walks down the street in Dallas where President Kennedy was shot and then dramatically falling as she is "shot" at the place where he was.  That happens around 4:45 in.

M.I.A.'s video for her song Born Free is some deep shit.  I first stumbled on this from Sara's blog.  She linked to this article that was written in response.  I've got nothing to add, it's a fantastically horrible video and it will make you think. There's a graphic warning on the video itself, I suggest you be ready - and away from the eyes of little people - if you watch it.  

Well, shit, I just realized the Vevo Nazi's won't let you watch the video from here so just click over to watch it on YouTube. Sorry.


Sara said...

Oh wow, you read my blog?! Consider yourself one of a very small population. :P

Haha. Otherwise, thank you for featuring me! That video really is some wicked shit.

Lorie Shewbridge said...

OK, really disturbing shit this week on both of the Musical Mondays I watched this week... I think I'm gonna go watch a Disney movie now!! UGH!!