June 17, 2010

Is That A Threat?

At the video store - Mama, can I have a small candy?


At the gas station - Mama, can I get some M&Ms?


At the grocery store - Mama, can I get some ice cream?


At home - Mama, my sweet tooth is getting angry cuz you won't let me have anything sweet!  My healthy tooth is happy but my sweet tooth is getting angrier and angrier. *cue Hulk voice* You won't like me when I'm angry!

I'm not scared of your sweet tooth, kid.


Rathi said...


Michelle said...

What a smart and creative kid!

Fearless_Fabulous_Gayle said...

I thought that was too cute! He's a keeper!!

Unknown said...

Okay this made me crack up, i know I am bad and rarely comment but I do read all your posts in my reader :) Now to get better at comment I am going to come out on your post out of my hidey hole that is :)

Lorie Shewbridge said...

OK... I'd have broken! He is just too damn cute and smart. Aidan always makes me laugh, I love him.