June 15, 2010

Happy Anniversary To Me

...and to the Mr, of course.  But mostly to me and here's why.

Me - Aidan, 8 years ago tomorrow, your Daddy and I got married. It's going to be our anniversary.

Aidan - *Blank stare*

Me - We had a wedding... we got married... so we could have kids... and be a family?

Aidan - *Blank stare*

Me - Ok, you don't care.

Aidan - *glances over at Daddy*

Mr - Dumb, hu?


Unknown said...

yes, you should go out and buy yourself something nice...get a mani/pedi, get some flowers and a nice steak for one.

that'll show them. ;)

Michelle said...

Silly boys they don't appreciate the sentimental things in life.

Happy anniversary!

Lorie Shewbridge said...

Happy anniversary to YOU, Sissy...
But I still love Aidan! Some day he will get it and he will make you a lovely card and you will keep it forever in a chest that he will find after you die and be so happy that you kept it.
Until then, it's YOUR day!! :-)

Claudya Martinez said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

Crystal said...

Happy Anniversary! I hope you do something fun!

cbs111 said...

Hubby doesn't understand either. Happy anniversary to you and the beast!